Consumer Loan Application

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Certifications, Authorizations and Signatures

You certify that everything you have stated in this Credit Application and on any other documents submitted to us are true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You understand that you must update the information contained in this Credit Application if either your financial condition materially changes or we make a request to you orally or in writing. You understand that we will retain this Credit Application whether or not it is approved.

You authorize us to request one or more consumer reports, to check and verify your credit and employment history, and to answer questions others may ask us about our credit experience with you.

You authorize us to contact you using any of the telephone numbers listed on this Credit Application or that you subsequently provide us in connection with your credit account - regardless of whether the number we use is assigned to a paging service, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service, other radio common carrier service or any other service for which you may be charged for the call. You further authorize us to contact you through the use of your voice, text and email and through the use of prerecorded/artificial voice messages or an automated dialing device.

Electronic Signature. If checked, you further agree that you have signed this Credit Application with one or more electronic signatures. You intend your electronic signature to have the effect of your written ink signature. You viewed and read the entire Credit Application and notices before you signed it. You understand that this Credit Application is in the electronic form that we will keep. We may rely on, and enforce, this Credit Application in the electronic form or as a paper version of the electronic form. *

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