About Us

Our Staff

The employees of the First National Bank of Allendale are your friends and neighbors. When you call or visit one of our locations, you’ll be greeted with fast, friendly service from someone you know and trust.

Mount Carmel Administrative Staff:
Donald W. Price, President & CEO
Tammie McFarland, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Cashier
Kristi Schrader, Vice President, Assistant Financial Officer & HR Manager
Kate Clark, Audit Manager & BSA Officer
Mallory Harrison, Executive Assistant & Assistant Cashier
Sean Oglesby, Information Technology Manager
Hunter Shaw, Electronic Banking Specialist, IT Administrative Assistant

Mount Carmel Loan Officers:
David Guinnip, Senior Vice President & Senior Loan Officer
Ian Hipsher, Assistant Vice President
Sarah Ile, Assistant Vice President 
Rodney Loeffler, Vice President 
Alexis McFarland, Assistant Vice President
Gary Ritz, Vice President 
Julie Tennes, Assistant Vice President 

Mount Carmel Lending Support Staff:
Elizabeth Dunn, Assistant Vice President
Morgan Thread, Assistant Vice President - Credit Operations 
Marcerie Hocking
Zane Kemper 
Megan Raber 
Brooke Sanders 
Brandy Wayland
Dee Breen 
Mark Bader

Mount Carmel Lobby Staff:
Heather McFarland, Assistant Cashier & Universal Banker
Kim Reilly, Assistant Cashier
Lauren Berberich, New Accounts 
Shelby Bozarth
Liz Fiero
Cami Golden
Charles Stoltz
Cortney Madden
Bethany Smith

Mount Carmel Building Maintenance:

Phil Coleman 
Jillian Wall

Allendale Staff: 
Laura Polston, Assistant Cashier  
Robin Anderson
Tara Hayes
Debbie Hipsher
Missy Judge
Christina Smith
Mary Harness 

West Salem Staff:
Gloria Schnell, Assistant Cashier & Branch Manager
Amy Bell
Amy Quillen
Michelle Wyatt

Carmi Production Region:
Dean Ackerman, Senior Vice President 
Mark Epperson, Vice President of Commercial Lending 
Christopher Myers, Vice President
Rae Lynn Barbre 
Chelsea Lee