Other Services

Safe Deposit Boxes and Lockers

Safe Deposit Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and prices at our Allendale, Mt. Carmel and West Salem locations. Safe Deposit Boxes offer the traditional safety and security provided by “two-key” access. You are assured by an attendant and sign-in procedure of the security of your items.

With the locker system, your items are secured within the facility under one-key. You (and only you) hold the key to your locker, so the locker is readily accessible during banking hours. In the quiet and security of a private space, you may access your box without the assistance of an attendant or a sign-in procedure. Your valuable contents have the security offered only by the latest, high-tech banking facilities.

Reorder Checks Online

No need to make a trip to the bank just to reorder your checks. Just click here!

Additional Services available (fees may apply):

  • QuickChange - Self Service Coin Machine
  • Notary Services
  • Medallion Signature Guarantees
  • Wire Services